Essential oils for body, mind and soul

Essential oils are a natural and easy way to help yourself and your family with any health problem you can think of. Yes, even your baby and children.

I want to show you how easy it is to take your health back into your own hands. All you need are dōTERRA’s unique products and my vast knowledge of the endless applications.

Do you already know the amazing power of pure essential oils and how you can use them for your physical, emotional and spiritual mental health? Let me show you a few of the issues you can support with essential oils.

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Essential oils - How to use

Curious now? Okay, let’s dive a little deeper! You can use essential oils in three different ways:

Experience the aroma of the oil by diffusing in an essential oil diffuser, applying a drop to your hands and inhaling or wearing as a personal fragrance.

Allows the oil to be transported throughout your body. Make sure the essential oil is safe for internal use first, and then try one of these methods: Add to a glass of water, take in a veggie capsule or put a drop under your tongue.

On your skin – allows the oil to absorb into the skin. Some ways to use essential oils on your skin are: An essential oil massage, apply to targeted areas and rub in or add some essential oil to lotions or moisturizers and use it for skincare.

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